At the age of 12, Bob Gass committed his life to Christ in his hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Just a year later, he preached his first sermon and embarked on what would become a journey of more than 50 years of ministry.

After moving to America at 17 and spending many years as a pastor, evangelist, and host of Christian television, Bob sensed God’s calling to share His Word through writing.  Having authored more than a dozen books, Bob’s main focus has been writing the daily devotional, The Word for Today.

Now in its 20th year, The Word for Today is reaching 40 countries in 17 different languages.  Distributed via television, online, through churches, hospitals, prison ministries, and various other outlets, The Word for Today is shared with over 30 million people each day worldwide.

With hearts to spread the Word of God around the globe through every available media outlet, Bob and his wife, Debby, reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where they lead their U.S. offices.