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Guidance For Today

How To Be Led By God

by Bob Gass

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  • PDF Format

    The PDF format should be readable by any computer or any device that can read PDF files. If you need to get the free Adobe PDF Reader, you can download it at

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    The “EPUB” format is the most widely used and compatible format of any e-book type. This format should work on most all e-readers, tablets and phones – including all Apple devices, most all Android devices (except those that require the Google Play store to operate), Nook, Sony, Viewsonic, Windows tablets & phones, and more. However, the EPUB format will NOT work on older Kindle devices (except the new Kindle Fire).

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About The Formats

As you may know, each brand of e-book reader (e.g. Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.) requires a specific type of file in order to work on the device. We have provided here the two most common file types that should cover 99 percent of all currently available e-book reading devices.

PDF - The PDF document format is a universal standard for document publishing. Most all computers, tablets, phones, and devices should be able to read this format. However, it will look best on a larger screen as each page is "fixed" in size. There are links above and below where you can download the free Adobe PDF Reader software for your computer or device if needed.

*EPUB - The EPUB format is the most common form of e-reader document that will adjust the size of each page and the text to fit on smaller screen devices such as phones and e-readers (iPhones, tablets, Kindles, etc.). However, this format may be difficult to install on some devices as their manufacturer has designed them to allow limited access to third party ebooks (those not purchased from their "official" ebook store).

Please note that there are many popular devices and tablets (such as several Google phones and tablets) which do not offer the ability to directly load an e-book in any format without first going through the "Google Play" Store (or other proprietary app store). If you would like to learn how you can upload books to your "Google Play" Books account to load onto your device, please CLICK HERE.

If you are not sure what e-book format will work on your device, please CLICK HERE to view the Wikipedia page where you can discover which e-book formats work on each type of currently available e-reader.


Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of different e-readers, smartphones and tablets, we cannot offer support for installing these books onto your computer or device. If you are not sure of how to load ebooks onto your device, we encourage you to download the PDF version of the book which should be able to be read by nearly all computers, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones. If you need to install a PDF reader onto your computer or device, please visit to download a free PDF reader for any device.